What I’m About ♡

Hey there! (why are there no not-cheesy way to start these things?)

Welcome to the “I have no idea what I’m doing” & other new mom revelations blog!

I’m Hollie and I’m a first time twin mom using the internet as a replacement for the social life I no longer have!

Truthfully, I really love the online mom world and how moms can support each other from far apart. Considering all of our collective social lives are suffering this is a great solution to that problem while also being able to share stories, tips and humour to get through the day.

I learned more from mom blogs about pregnancy & these early months of motherhood than I did from literally anything else. Having a forum to share your experiences really does help other moms not feel alone, so hopefully I can be a part of that. If not, at least I’m screaming into the internet as opposed to my pillow! #mentalhealth

Hopefully you take something away from my experiences, struggles and stories. If not, good afternoon, good evening & good night!

Ok, Bye.