Our Twin Essentials

I thought maybe it would be valuable to include our “must haves” all in one place. Everyone’s items that they use everyday are different of course but I found it really helpful finding out from other parents what they legitimately used all of the time at all the different stages.


6 – 9 MONTHS

9+ MONTHS (aka Right Now)

  • Cheerios (Once you get past the dissolvable puffs these were great for teething & easy snacks)
  • Gerber Puffs
  • The Wiggles (I can’t even explain how mesmerized the babies are by this show and it’s made me able to empty the dishwasher on more than one occasion)
  • Outlet Covers – The beginning of our baby proofing. Babies legitimately have a fascination with outlets for some reason so these are very necessary.