Family Friendly Recipes

Are you a mom that scrolls the internet in a panic looking for baby friendly recipes? Same. I won’t pretend as though I prepare elaborate, fancy meals week after week. Some nights I’m able to prepare nice healthy meals for my husband and I and some nights we eat frozen waffles over the sink.

"I don't always make great decisions under pressure"

The same goes for our babies – some nights they eat pasta with homemade sauce & some nights they eat Cheerios.

Adding tiny humans to the equation made my job as a mom to keep everyone well fed and eating healthy much more complicated. I dread dinnertime nearly everyday and I’m working to combat that because I truly love food & cooking so much. I don’t want to lose that love so I’m hoping that by sharing what we’re eating I’ll help maintain that as well as help another mama that relates to my dinnertime dread.

Every week I’ll share my favourite (sometimes) baby friendly recipes I made for the big humans and the tiny humans & we can all have a grand ol’ time in the kitchen together. Sometimes what we eat they can eat, and that’s called PERFECTION but I’ll be honest that doesn’t happen all the time. If at the end of the day everyone is fed I’m a happy Mama.

With any recipes I use I aim for three things: relatively quick, relatively easy & relatively healthy. I’m all about balance over here.

So, here’s what we’ve been eating lately: