The Tale of the Toddler Twinadoes

One day it seems I woke up and my sweet little noodle newborns are now well on their way to being toddlers.  Although we haven’t quite yet entered the incessant talking and question asking phase….we have absolutely entered the constant mess, risk taking, testing boundaries phase.

With twins they have their own little two person society that involves them having to learn so many social dynamics straight out of the womb.  A great example is sharing.  Typically, especially with your first kid, they have this warm squishy period of time where they have to share with no one.  They don’t have to share time or toys.  Our boys (lucky them) have had to deal with there being a person in their face 24/7 taking their stuff or pulling their hair or just generally wreaking havoc over their tiny life.  This…leads to a lot of fighting.  Not aggressive fighting where they hurt each other (although there is some of that because they are still brothers after all), mostly just very dramatic tantrums that involves what we affectionately know as “the toddler thunk”.  It’s the thunk sound your toddler’s head makes when they’re slamming it on the floor in frustration.  The first few times – you’re pretty positive they’re causing brain damage.  Then, you realize their heads are essentially globes of concrete attached to their necks that aside from the permanent toddler forehead bruise experiences zero impact from swinging it around like a weapon.

I do not breathe well through one nostril and I had to get a chipped tooth fixed this week because of the toddler thunk’s point of contact being my face. Just #momstuff.

The mess.  Oh my gosh the mess. I used to do a quick tidy between their naps before now – I do not do that any more and just do one big clean when they go to bed for the night.  I promise, it’s not worth the effort to have a tidy home for 40 minutes at a time.  No matter how many toys they have at their disposal they NEED to know what toys are at the bottom of that other box and typically end up playing with the stray lid of a sippy cup that somehow found it’s way down there.  Then, they’ll fight over it.

Molars.  MOLARS.  I thought their front teeth were bad and then I saw their molar teeth coming through their poor swollen inflamed gums and I think my mouth started hurting out of sympathy.  They hate it, we hate it, everyone hates it so if someone has access to a fast forward button past all the molar growing I’d appreciate borrowing it.

Listen though, aside from any of those things, this is hands down no questions asked our favourite phase so far.  

  • There’s nothing better than them reaching for your hands with their sweaty toddler palms when you go for walks.
  • They’re SO curious.  Every time we leave the house Oliver goes “WOW” as though this is the first he’s seeing the world and it crushes my heart to pieces every single time.
  • They’ll cuddle so sweetly and they’re such a great snuggle size right now.  
  • Their facial expressions are just so amazing.  Everett has this great sass that I’m sure we’ll pay for at a later date but for now it’s just this adorable furrowed eyebrow look that kills me every time. 
  • That pre-talk gibberrish.  They are not saying any coherent English words with any sort of consistency, however, they VERY confidently speak gibberish to us as though we should know exactly what they’re saying with absolute clarity.
  • Their friendship.  As much as, yes, twin toddlers are a recipe for tiny human disagreements they are also best friends.  They have this unspoken language that they both seem to follow so seamlessly and it’s incredible to watch.  The fact that they were born with their best friend makes every second of that ridiculous pregnancy worth it.

I know in our near future they’ll be talking constantly and climbing out of their cribs to cause mayhem and I’ll eventually be the living version of all of those twin videos people tag me in on every single platform just to show me what’s coming! 

Until then, we’re soaking up the gibberish, the sweaty chubby hands, the half a mouth of teeth smiles and those full belly laughs.  We’ll also still probably call them our babies until they’re 20.

Ok, BYE!

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