The Case of the Undelivered Wagon.

This is a story about a girl named “can you please transfer me to someone I feel less bad about yelling at?”.

This is not a thought provoking post.  This is truly something I would complain about in a journal if I could actually keep up the habit of journal writing.  The piles of half filled journals I’ve purchased over the years are a good indication that this is not a habit I’ve quite mastered at all.

So, Internet, here is my complaining for the week.

We ordered a wagon for the twins.  A cute red wagon that we liked a lot and were pretty excited about receiving because…that’s what parenthood does to you…makes you excited about wagons.  We are Air Miles points collectors for truly no real reason except for that “do you have your Air Miles card?” question at the till that we get to say yes to, which is fun.  We purchased the wagon with these points which is disguised as being free but it absolutely was not because we spent tons of money in order to have these points, also fun.

We got the notification that the wagon would be delivered so we got excited.  I, as a stay-at-home parent am IN MY HOME all day, most days.  On the day the wagon was “delivered” I was home…and yet…a failed delivery attempt notice was on the door.  Bummer.  I was under the impression that in order to attempt something you needed to try…but it turns out, nope!  Good news though, they were not going to attempt to deliver again and the terminal to pickup is 40 minutes away. So deeply inconvenient already, but it gets so much better.

I phone the delivery company and they tell me that they’ll be holding the package for 5 business days which is great because that’s still 3 days from when I phoned.  I then explained how inconvenient it is for me to drive so far away to pickup the wagon with my kids, to which they tell me GOOD NEWS for a small fee we’ll “attempt to” deliver the wagon again.  Super news, wagon delivery is back on track and they let me know I should receive it by the next day.

We did not receive the wagon the next day.  I vow to phone and give a customer service person an ear full the following morning about my disappointment in my lack of wagon.

No need though, because we wake up to notification that the wagon has in fact been delivered! ACROSS THE COUNTRY BACK TO THE ORIGINAL SENDER.

Now, I’m upset.

I phone the delivery company – they tell me that they in fact had already begun the process of sending it back across the country when I phoned a few days prior when they happily accepted payment for a delivery that was already confirmed to not happen.  They didn’t find it entirely necessary to hold the wagon for the 5 business days indicated on the delivery notice.  Clearly their warehouse must have been so darn crammed full of wagons there just was no room for ours to be kept for 3 more days.  To clarify, I do not believe their warehouse is full of wagons, but that’s the only explanation I can think of for why they couldn’t just hold it for the amount of time that THEY DECIDED ON that doesn’t make my head want to explode.

I had already had two cups of coffee by the time the innocent customer service representative answered the phone.  Listen though, I’m never rude to customer service reps.  They’re innocent and are legitimately just the messenger of disappointing news to people that JUST WANT THEIR WAGONS.  I apologize a lot when I’m complaining.  This is what it sounds like:

“Listen, your company is ridiculous and now I’m left having to deal with something that is YOUR fault!  I mean, sorry, not your fault personally… I mean your absolutely absurd company that is the literal worst.  And I know that isn’t your fault but I’m so MAD AND FRUSTRATED – but not at you I promise I’m sorry I didn’t mean that at you.”

Can you hear the caffeine in my voice? Same.

Conversation ends with them telling me there isn’t anything they can do because the package has already been sent back – gone is the wagon. They don’t know whether to hate me or love me which is just the way I like to leave as an unhappy customer. Right in the sweet spot.

The conclusion is, no wagon for us.  Our points were reimbursed and we have no wagon.  A wagon-less family that just WANTED A FREAKING WAGON.

Ok, that’s plenty.  I feel better now.  

P.S. I’m still sad about not having the wagon.

BYE! ♡♡

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  • Mandy

    I flippin’ can’t believe this absurdity!! WOW.. Just WOW. I would take this further. Send your blog post to this ‘(not) delivery’ delivery company and tell them that if this isn’t straightened out, you’ll have no problem updating the post with the name of the company. Not that I’m convinced that that would work, but it can’t end here.. it just can’t. Argh. That is really bad customer service.

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