Hi, my name is Hollie.

I go by Mama lately but not too long ago I went by Hollie. I was a whole entire person all on my own and I wasn’t just “this girl I know that had twins”. In fairness, having twins very quickly and easily became the most interesting thing about me…also it’s a very easy talking point and for someone that has a tendency to lean towards socially awkward that’s a huge plus.

I had a thought the other day about how difficult it is to make friends as an adult. Unless they’re your co-workers who you are already obligated to spend most of your time with or, like, your spouse, how on earth do you meet and connect with people? Increase that difficulty tenfold when you’re a stay at home parent because if we’re all being honest here you don’t like leaving the house unless you have to. Increase that difficulty again when the only personality trait you can think of for yourself anymore is ‘being a mom’. How do people get to know each other these days?

I’ve never properly introduced myself here as anything but the ‘mom of twins’ so… here it goes, here are some fun facts about me:

Hi, my name is Hollie. (*this is where you say “Hi Hollie”*)

  • I’m a twenty something with a love of dry sarcasm and a hate for really long intro songs in shows. Nobody needs that long of an introduction every single episode. Play it once at the beginning of the season and move on…such a simple solution to such an annoying problem.
  • I do in fact drink a lot of coffee and I truly am not sure if it’s because I need it or out of habit but I’ll chalk it up to a probable caffeine addiction. I drink my coffee with cream always, sugar sometimes and I prefer to have several small cups than one large cup. However, I exclusively own large coffee mugs. They’re just more cozy. Figure that out.
  • I did not know how to whistle until I was 19 and I taught myself working my summer job driving a fork lift in a car parts plant. A lot of time alone mixed with general monotony has resulted in a lifetime of annoying my husband with whistling too much. Excellent return on that time investment.
  • I wish I had good fashion sense but, sadly, I do not. Most of my clothing I’ve either owned since high school or was previously owned by my (3 years younger) sister…who actually has good fashion sense.
  • I could probably recite the movie Remember the Titans I’ve seen it so many times. I used to have the speech he gives at Gettysburg on my iPod and I would listen to it if I needed a motivational pick me up moment. I also used to have the speech Kurt Russell gives in the movie Miracle on there too. Here are both for your listening pleasure:
  • One of my favourite activities is wandering through grocery stores. Especially really fancy grocery stores or brand new ones. There’s something therapeutic about aimlessly going up and down all of the aisles and finding new things you 1000% do not need but will buy. I’m a sucker for good marketing, what can I say.
  • I used to have panic attacks that the world was going to end in 2012. Spoiler: it didn’t. Though it did result in me refusing to watch the movie 2012 because if it was going to go down I had no intention of knowing the details of how. I still have not seen it to this day.
  • I love to read but I do it with caution for a few reasons: I have very little free time and an extreme tendency to get obsessive with what I’m reading. This can result in me ignoring those around me – which is frowned upon when you’re caring for infant children reliant on you for literally everything. I would say I get through one book a month.
  • I really love pointless conversations with people where you get to learn small weird truths about them. I like when people surprise me with strange interests or hobbies or when they can teach me things I wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn otherwise. Once I met someone who was absolutely obsessed with foreign board games and I could have listened to them talk about it for hours. I worked with someone from Russia once and they taught me a variety of useless phrases but the only one I can remember translates to “my little dinosaur”. So useless, but it’s one of my favourite things I know. People are made up of all these small little interesting puzzle pieces and I love figuring them out and how they all go together to make a whole person.

I struggle sometimes (often) with where I’m supposed to be in the world or what my purpose is, but it’s nice to remember that I myself am just a collection of weird puzzle pieces too. Being a mom of twins is still the most interesting piece about me and is definitely the one I’m most proud of but it’s not all I am! I’m also all of those weird facts nobody asked for!

I’m Hollie. Nice to meet me.

Ok, BYE! ♡♡♡

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