“How Homesense Ruined My Day” & Other Stuff

Hello internet, welcome back to another journey into the mind of a 20 something mom of twins. It’s messy in here.

Here’s some things we’ve been up to lately:

  • The twins started walking. They’re not very good at it (yet) and it’s very reminiscent of what an adult human looks like after a few too many adult beverages.
  • The hair I lost in pregnancy grew back….at a 90 degree angle out of my hair line and only about 3 inches long. So it just constantly looks like I have my hands on one of those balls at the science museum that makes your hair standup? It’s a look.
  • We had our first toddler meltdown in a public location. Granted, we knew they were tired when we brought them into Homesense. We probably didn’t need to spend 20 minutes smelling every single candle in stock…. but we did and paid the price. Lots of judgemental staring which is in fact my favourite kind of staring so…joke’s on them. Truly I blame Homesense because the fact of the matter is I NEED TO KNOW what the scent difference is between “white pumpkin”, “pumpkin spice” and “pumpkin latte”. Spoiler alert: I bought none of them because they all smelled way too much like pumpkin.
  • We transitioned them out of their bucket carseats into convertible car seats. To say I did a dance of joy at the thought of no longer having to force my contortionist children into those seats while they scream in my face would be a gross understatement.
  • They got their one year vaccines which is a tricky tricky game with twins. You can’t let the twin who goes first freak out too badly and you also can’t let on to twin 2 that something is coming. So you keep them separated and hope they don’t telepathically communicate.
  • I’ve seen no decrease in the amount I want to punch myself in the face every time I get stopped out in public and have to say my scripted lines to a stranger and seem happy about it like it’s the first time anyone’s asked me if they’re twins or not. Standard script:
    • “Oh hi hello stranger, yes yes they’re twins, they just turned one, two boys, no…no neither of them is a girl, right yes two boys. Yes I do have my hands full on account of there being two of them and my having two hands. Yep identical as can be I mix them up constantly (knowing full well we have no idea if they’re identical or not – but c’est la vie sometimes you need to fib to a stranger). Yes they are cute, they use it to their advantage every day (*insert my fake uncomfortable laugh here: HAHAHA*). Yes thank you very much now please step aside because a line has now formed and I need to get through the afternoon show before their next nap time. No, there won’t be any face touching included in today’s visit, my apologies. BYE NOW!” (End scene)

In all honesty I’m really loving this age. They’re so happy to be learning to walk and gaining some “independence” and it’s so amazing to watch them learn so much everyday. Even though we collapse into bed exhausted virtually every night it’s all so worth it and I’m truly so thankful for them every single day – it’s not lost on us for a second how fortunate we are to have them ♡

Ok, BYE! ♡♡

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