I want…

I want them to sleep but I want them to be awake so I can play with them longer.

I want them to grow up but I also want to freeze time while they’re still so precious and small.

I want them to learn independence but I also love how much they need us.

I want them to sleep through the night all the time but I know one day some part of me will miss the nighttime baby hugs.

I want to share them with everyone but also want to have all of their moments to ourself.

I want days to go faster sometimes but I would gladly rewind the clock and live them all over again.

I want a break from them but my heart aches when I’m away from them.

Parenthood is a living dichotomy and as we approach our first holiday leaving them for a few days I’m only more strongly reminded of that fact!

No advice here, just where my mind has been this week ♡

Ok, Bye! ♡♡♡

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