The Wizard of Oz (aka Parenthood)

This will probably (definitely) be the dumbest thing I’ve written but stick with me because I promise it almost certainly will not be worth it.

I have a lot of friends expecting babies right now and it’s really made me think about what it felt like to go from just being the two of us to having this seemingly instant family. I prefer to think of my life in metaphors (because inside I’m permanently 13 years old) and nothing seemed accurate enough to explain what it feels like going through that journey….until now. Now, friends, I’m going to explain to you how the journey into parenthood is EXACTLY LIKE the story of The Wizard of Oz. Prove me wrong.

In fairness to me, I warned you this would be dumb.

The Twister

Literally nothing can describe the feeling of finding out you’re expecting babies (let alone twins) better than a twister. It feels like you got sucked up into the air in an insane vortex and you know for certain when you get spit back out you absolutely will not be where you were before.

The Land of Oz

Suddenly, you’re in this strange place, where all of a sudden tiny humans are not deeply annoying… but very enjoyable! You absolutely are not in Kansas anymore.

(It is a known fact that the people of Kansas have an extremely high tolerance for repetitive songs sung by middle aged men dressed as toddlers. I think it’s in their tourism brochure.)

Brain, Heart, Courage

Although you may not legitimately make friends with a scarecrow or a tin man on your journey into parenthood (if you do please seek mental health care immediately), you’ll absolutely see change to your brain, your heart and your capacity for courage.

I’ve never been more knowledgeable than I am now and my demand for having a wide range of knowledge has never been higher. I sometimes can’t remember why I walked into a room, and sometimes (every day) I can’t get the clothes from the washer to the dryer, but man my brain has never been more full. Although some days still feel like this:

My heart…. I mean this is self explanatory. Since the days of feeling those two tiny ones growing in my belly my heart has been exploding. I never truly knew my capacity for love until them.

I feared childbirth for as long as I could remember. When I got pregnant, as happy as we were, I knew the day would come that I had to push my courage to the absolute maximum. Truthfully, the closer I got to childbirth the less afraid I was. All moms deserve the utmost credit because pregnancy and childbirth are really no joke. But let’s not forget about dads too. They have to witness their partner go through this insane journey through pregnancy and then they have to be on the sidelines, to a large degree helpless, during birth. I’d say that takes plenty of courage too!

The Witches

This may be a bit of a stretch (as if everything before this wasn’t) but I can see the Wicked Witch of the West being the anxiety that comes with entering parenthood, and Glinda the Good Witch being the parts of you that see the beauty and joy in becoming a parent. Fair warning though, you don’t ever get sparkly red slippers. Or at least mine maybe got lost in the mail.

The Flying Monkeys

Never has there been a more accurate description of what being pregnant with twins feels like or what having twins is LITERALLY like!

The Red Slippers

A little known fact about parenthood is that if you get overwhelmed and/or in over your head you can click your heels together and go back to a time before you had kids and your life went crazy.

Why is it that one of the most unbelievable parts about that is the heels. As if I’m wearing heels ever and not wearing the same Jurassic Park socks every single day of my life.

The Mom Behind the Curtain

As you’ll know when you get on the crazy ride towards becoming a parent, everyone around you will be an expert or seem like an expert. Nobody holds back opinions or advice when it comes to raising babies. It can feel sometimes like you’re a lost girl just trying to find the person who has all the answers and that can tell you what you’re supposed to do. And truly, there isn’t, don’t let the internet fool you. Any mom out there holding up the facade that they know best is just pulling levers behind a curtain faking it until she makes it like the rest of us. I guess what I’m saying is…

Follow your own yellow brick road, no one else’s…

I know. I hated it too.

Ok, Bye! ♡♡

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