Our Plant Based Experiment

Hi friends!

So I have a piece of my life that I haven’t discussed yet because so much of me is wrapped up in my kids – it takes up 172% of my time everyday!

However, I haven’t talked greatly about my passion for food and for cooking. I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and I used to actually blog exclusively about food & nutrition! Once we moved out to British Columbia we just got barrel rolled and I took my foot off of the gas with it because we were busy trying to establish ourselves in a new place. Then I became a mom and everything started moving 100mph all over again.

Now that the boys are a bit older, a bit more independent and I have a few “extra” minutes in a day I can redirect some of my attention back to my love of food.

I’d like to start a new “series” or category of posts where I can share recipes and nutrition tips that would be helpful for your family! I know firsthand how easy it is to develop a disdain for dinnertime and feel the stress and pressure that comes with the responsibility to feed your family. Hopefully I can help to take a few of those pressures off!

As I’ve mentioned in another post (here) I’m officially making the transition to a full time stay-at-home mama and because of that we’re dropping down to a single income family, which means we need to be extra conscious of spending. After doing some tracking of our grocery bills we found the majority of our money was going towards meat, so, we decided to try cutting meat out of the equation and see how it turned out. To be honest I’ve never “gone vegetarian” in my life. To me meals centred around meat so without it….what do dinners look like??

It really sparked a newfound creativity in the way I approached cooking and dinners. Instead of having mediocre meat just for the sake of having meat everyday we now eat vegetarian on weekdays and then on the weekend we include meat, however, we get high quality products from our local butcher. It’s made me enjoy meat so much more and appreciate the creativity plant based cooking gave me.

If you’re looking to make a change to your diet, save some money and spark a passion in cooking I really do recommend giving plant based eating a shot! The summer months are the absolute best for this kind of thing because it’s when all of the produce is freshest and local farmer’s markets are bursting!

As a new mom of twins I don’t have the time, patience or energy to be slaving over a stove all day long to prepare dinner. Because of that all of the recipes I’ve used are relatively quick to make, yield a decent amount of leftovers and are healthy for the family!

If you’re looking for some new ideas, want to spark or are trying to re-ignite a love for cooking try a few out & follow along here:


I promise to be extremely preachy, aggravating and push vegetables on everyone now so buckle in for that.

Have a great start to your week! ♡♡♡

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