My Twin Baby Registry “Do’s and Don’ts”

Ah, the baby registry. The #1 way I spent my spare time in the early days of pregnancy. Forever daydreaming of all those beautiful “pinterest-worthy” baby products that would make my entrance into motherhood the beautiful adventure it was supposed to be.

Cut to 10 months later when you’re in survival mode buried under an ever growing mountain of outgrown baby clothes, toys they played with once as well as just your new high level anxiety.

Nobody prepared me for how easily babies get bored. It should be added as a note in the baby manual.

It’s so easy to get lost among the pretty baby things that you don’t realize and/or forget that the (by far) main priority as a mom is practicality and usability. Truly when you start your baby registry, especially when you’re a first time mom, there should be some form of disclaimer telling you not to include dumb things. Warnings like: “I know this onesie with the funny slogan is cute, but wash it once and it’ll never fit again” or “trust me, your baby will hate this novelty moustache soother and literally never use it”.

I loved using Amazon for my registry because I could create it and customize it from my couch while I was 10000 years pregnant. A nice bonus was for family & friends wanting to buy things from it would be able to ship straight to our house. There are a million baby shower registry lists you can find of what moms included and I pored over them but truly you will find what works for you. My best advice is skip some of the fancy nuance items and stick to basics.

I found too that plenty of people don’t always like buying off registries – they want to give you their own “essentials/must-haves” and I appreciate that especially as a new mom. Don’t obsess too much over a baby registry – include basics that you know you’ll need – you will not be disappointed by the thought that friends and family will put into a baby gift all on their own

What I Included & Never Used More Than Once

  • Halo Swaddles. I love the idea of these, the concept is great. What they don’t take into consideration is the absolutely superhuman strength that newborns somehow have. Our babies could bust out of those no problem from day one.
  • A bunch of different bottle types. Hold off on buying bottles and if you need to use them only buy a couple and see if your baby even likes them before you buy a bunch. We had to go through a couple to find the right type that they liked (ultimately they settled on Dr Browns bottles).
  • Wubbanub Soothers. This is an unpopular opinion. Plenty of babies love wubbanubs and so did our boys…for a few days. It always seemed like the little stuffed toy was getting in the way of them being able to use the actual soother which just made them mad. I will say it was nice having the stuffed animal when I was reaching behind my back/dislocating my shoulders in the car trying to retrieve a soother.
  • Cotton/drool bibs. Honestly I just always forgot to use these and I didn’t remember until their shirt was already soaked with drool and I had to change them anyway. Mom of the year award.
  • Scratch Mitts. Babies hated them and pulled them off immediately. We just made sure their fingernails were clipped so they couldn’t scratch their faces too badly (though they were swaddled with their arms in so that wasn’t a huge issue ultimately).

What I Included & Use ALL The Time

  • Plain Short Sleeve Onesies/Diaper Vest. Our twins were born in July and it was smoking hot so we went through a ton of these early on when babies still struggle with temperature control.
  • Hooded Towels. Admittedly, it wasn’t until recently that we actually used these every single day but even early on they were well used.
  • Receiving Blankets. A fellow twin mama tipped me off on these while I was pregnant and we truly used 1000000 of them it seemed daily for everything from swaddling to burping to sobbing into because… parenting man, if there was ever something to cry about!
  • Dr Browns Bottle Brush. Really there are a ton of bottle brushes out there that I’m sure do a fine job but if you’re going to be bottle feeding – get a bottle brush.
  • Live Clean Baby Wash & Lotion. It smells SO DREAMY.
  • Angelcare Sound Monitor. We co-slept with the twins in our bedroom until they were 6 months so we didn’t have a great need for a video monitor and the audio monitor worked perfectly for naps when we didn’t have to worry about them moving around much.
  • Digital Thermometer. In the first few times the boys got sick I was SO happy to have this on hand so I could (constantly) monitor their fevers.
  • Nose Bulbs/Snot suckers. For any non-parents that have made it this far into the blog…. yeah. Doesn’t it encourage you to have babies when you know something like a “snot-sucker” exists? I really think that this is a beneficial product….if your babies will let you do it. Both of our boys have deep hate for the snot sucker but it is greatly effective when you really need it. Essential medicine cabinet item.

What I SHOULD Have Included

These are things that we bought after the fact and use constantly!

  • Dermafrida. This is a small scrubber for the babies when they’re being bathed and it literally took away the dry skin and cradle cap on their tiny newborn heads overnight. We still use them now and strangely the babies actually really love chewing on them – bonus teether.
  • Boon Grass Drying Rack. Use 24/7 every single day. A happy bonus is it does wonders for drying wine glasses….
  • Diaper Genie Refills – To infinity & beyond.
  • Weleda Calendula Diaper Rash Cream. We used a few different types of diaper rash creams and this was hands down the best most effective. I never realized that teething hugely impacts diaper rash and makes it super gnarly so this was a multiple times a day use item for sure.

I’ll say it again – you can VERY EASILY & QUICKLY get buried in a ton of baby things that you do not need and it can get very cluttered and overwhelming. Babies do not have a lot of needs for fancy things – stick to the basics and you’ll be fine.

Ok, bye!

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