How To: Avoid The “Mombie”

This week hasn’t been the best. And by this week I mostly mean since about 4 months ago until now, hasn’t been the best – at least sleep wise. We haven’t gotten a full night’s sleep in a WHILE and let me tell you, it is taxing. To be firing on fumes everyday is rough and I feel like I’m nearly a professional sleep walker now and I’m expecting my call from “The Walking Dead” to be a cast member any day now on account of what a successful ‘Mombie’ I am.

Is The Walking Dead even still on? I really never even watched past season 2 because like… ok they’re zombies and you’re running from them, mostly unsuccessfully WE GET IT.

Anyways, I thought maybe I would spread some of the knowledge I’ve gained that can help you keep your energy levels up during the day when you’re running on 0.4 hours of sleep regularly. These are legitimately things that I do, I really don’t think many of them are actually good tips but if you’ve read any of my blogs so far…. you aren’t coming here for actual help.

  • B Vitamins. I swear my B vitamin complex is the only reason I’m upright most days. I can’t say my daily life is what anyone would call “healthy” but I do take the 15 seconds it takes to take this in the morning and I think it helps. Pro tip: don’t take it on an empty stomach it will make you feel WONKY.
  • Coffee. I mean obviously I was going to say this, pretty predictable. BUT. There is actually a limit to the amount coffee will actually impact my energy levels and if I pass that limit it actually starts working in the opposite way and makes me so lethargic and cranky. Honestly, the further I get into motherhood the more I’m just finding all the ways that I am just an overgrown toddler that’s better at walking. I would say my limit is 3-4 caffeinated beverages in a day before it stops working and my body goes on strike. It is the first thing I have to do in the morning though so… I mean I’m taking full advantage of the free caffeine addiction that comes with parenthood.
  • Moving. This is the KEY for me to not transform fully into a banana slug. If I stop moving or doing anything during the day all of the many hours of sleep I haven’t had catch up to me so incredibly fast. My body associates non movement with night time and sleeping and so if I sit for too long in the middle of the afternoon I get so sleepy.
  • Getting and/or forcing your babies to nap throughout the day. There is nothing more rejuvenating for me or my energy levels than when I get breaks throughout the day. I feel bad saying that but also, I don’t. Even if I can get a 30 minute nap out of the twins where I can sprint around and get a few chores done or drink coffee or experience a few minutes of silence.. it’s the BEST. Nobody can be at a level 10 all day and let me tell you babies expect a level 10 enthusiasm.

Side note: there is nothing LESS rejuvenating than having to force sleepy babies to go to sleep. But once you get through that you get to enjoy your moments of silence/process your PTSD.

I’d love to know what other, more experienced/successful moms do to keep their energy levels up – maybe I’m doing something wrong. Maybe having more than 2 hours of sleep at a time is the key?! Please tell me your secrets.

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  • Jess

    Are the twins “sleep trained”? Why do they wake up so often? Can they self soothe back to sleep?

    My little one is 6 months and self soothes to sleep and has for about 1.5 months now. She sleeps 9-11.5 straight and depending what the stretch is that night, she feeds and goes back to sleep or we start our day.

    I didn’t work with a consultant but follow The Sleep Ranch on Instagram and there’s where I learned most things I did to “train”.

    My cousin had twins in June last year and sleep trained them around 16 weeks and they are great sleepers now.

    Hope this helps <3

    Love reading your posts!


    • Full Hearts, Cold Coffee

      Ooh I’ll definitely look into them, any help welcome!!
      Honestly they slept through the night from 3 weeks until 6ish months with no issue. Once we stopped swaddling and they transitioned to their cribs from bassinets it got really difficult to get them to stay asleep. Between growth spurts and teething we go through constant ups and downs.
      The biggest issue is that very often one will sleep through the night and the other will be up, so one is just always not sleeping great on rotation.

      I’m definitely going to look into that program maybe we’re just not doing the right things and we’ll try anything to get back to sleeping through the night!!

      Thanks so much ♡♡♡

  • Mandy

    I seriously find it so peculiar that we are gifted these tiny little humans and our sole duty is to care for them and yet, we aren’t granted the sleep that it requires to not only care for them at a high level on the daily, but also ourselves!! ..Slight oversight, no?!
    I recall being immensely tired with our 1st…. *may* have slept through raising my 2nd & 3rd and magically, only have sleepy moments and the occasional sleepy day with the little Miss. Why? I have noooo idea, so I’m not much help here.
    We never hired a sleep consultant. We did try a variation of ferberizing our first where we would sit outside the crib and every night we would inch ourselves toward the door, all the while our baby cried his heart out.. was not for me.. or him, apparently ; )
    The only thing I can say without a doubt and for certain, is.. ‘This too, shall pass’ <3

  • Mandy

    Edited to add.. whether you opt to hire a consultant, read every book imaginable on the subject, drink 4 cups of coffee every day, flow with it, do everything everyone recommends, do nothing.. it’s all good!! The real beauty of parenting.. Follow your instincts and do what works for you.
    And as I type that, I can picture you running for your bed to take a long winter’s nap : D : D : D “Sorry Derek, peace out!”

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