What I Know 10 Months In

I can assume that for anyone reading the title of today’s blog post you’re thinking – ok, this is where we get the good stuff. The mom knowledge. The “having babies 4-1-1”. And you would be right. Because I’m 10 months in (a length of time that absolutely no one would classify as significant and definitely not long enough to call yourself an “expert”) let me give you some of my mom expert insight in honour of Mother’s Day yesterday.

♡ When you become a mom, Mother’s Day is different (duh). Here’s what I’ll give as my current feelings after my first crack at the day. If your expectation is that you’ll wake up (late, because Mother’s Day comes with sleep-ins), with a *deliciously hot* homemade breakfast, be showered with luxurious gifts, will have well behaved kids all day with no housework I PROMISE you’ll be disappointed. I spent the day waking up at 7:30am, eating Tim Hortons breakfast sandwiches in the car, walking in the park hoping to avoid a twinado meltdown, watching that Ted Bundy movie on Netflix, grocery shopping and drinking wine at 4pm followed by my husband’s brilliant idea to get ice cream after my first glass. It was great. *My housework I didn’t do yesterday was HAPPILY waiting for me this morning.

♡ When you become a mom you become a walking cliche. I do wear yoga pants everyday, I do drink way too much coffee (see blog title), my hair is permanently in a bun and I am regularly late for things. Mom life chose me and I’m not mad about it.

♡ When you become a mom all of a sudden your entire life becomes an hourly schedule. How many hours has it been since babies ate? Until they need to eat again? Are they due to sleep? When were they changed last? Is it tomorrow yet? I legitimately have never been more scheduled, obsessive compulsive and simultaneously disorganized.

♡ When you become a mom you will 150% get tipsy off one glass of wine. That’s not even insight it’s just a disclaimer. It gets messy fast.

♡ When you become a mom you are always on the pursuit of a clean floor. If I can walk into my kitchen without accumulating a coat of crumbs on my feet I take that as a win.

♡ When you become a mom your life enters a time vortex where it moves fast and slow at the same time. The nights when you’re with a newborn baby and are so overwhelmed you’re just hoping for it to be daylight – that time goes so slow. But the day you wake up and all of a sudden you have 10 month olds on the verge of walking it seems like those cuddly newborn days went by in a blink. (See first point about being a cliche) I can’t help but say appreciate the moment you’re in with your babies and for whatever stage they’re in at that exact second. It’s so easy to get lost in nostalgia or anticipation (I do both regularly) and all I try to do is constantly remind myself that they will never be this age again and I don’t want to regret missing things! (I’ll revisit this when they’re sassy teenagers)

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “WOW I’m now immediately a better parent because I’m so well equipped with this incredible knowledge you’ve shared”. I know and you’re welcome.

Happy Monday/Mother’s Day Hangover Day! ♡♡♡

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