My Mama List of Awesome.

So just to start off with, the general outline of my day is as follows:

  1. I open my eyes, I’m awoken by babies crying on a monitor.
  3. I close my eyes at the end of the day into a delirious unconsciousness.

I find myself getting to the end of a day and honestly I don’t even know how I got there. The cycling of playing and napping and feeding and changing and playing and feeding (you get it) is VERY easy to get lost in. It’s easy to get to the end of the day and just be glad it’s over and you’re happy for the silence.

That said, I think because of the insanity and because of the mom vortex I’m in 24/7 I need to make a conscious effort to find the small joys in my day and I encourage any mom or really anyone (I mean I am the expert here) to do the same with your days.

So, here’s my list of a few awesome tiny moments from the eye of the hurricane that is my present life:

  • Baby smiles first thing in the morning. Hands down the greatest way to wake up that exists. Why are they so happy so early? It doesn’t even matter.
  • When I get one cup of hot coffee before babies get up. If I don’t have to chug it and get third degree throat burns, bonus awesome points!
  • If I go a full day without having hair pulled straight out at the root by an infant.
  • Synchronized. Nap. Schedule. If the babies get out of synch with naps it is absolute madness and I am a shell of a human by the end of the day.
  • Essential oil diffuser – Any bright citrusy oil honestly improves my mood and day. Liquid sunshine by Saje is my fave.
  • Any minutes of my day when I don’t have to listen to the white noise machine. What a weird plus minus because holy smokes it makes our babies sleep so much better – but it is SO MUCH noise pollution for me all day. My brain is so happy anytime I get a break from it!
  • Derek getting home from work. Never fails to make my day more awesome (not JUST because it means I’m no longer outnumbered… but that’s definitely a plus)
  • Baby bathtime. Even though it’s nuts and such a huge production every night..we love it. It makes the boys so happy they giggle and splash and I end the day soaking wet and exhausted and it’s still really awesome.
  • Washing my face at the end of the day for a few reasons. 1) hygiene. I think any mom can agree they’ve had some… questionable hygiene moments (insert my love affair with dry shampoo here). It’s nice to end the day and get into bed with a clean face. 2) Its one thing I do that is entirely for me by myself all day and even though it’s only 10 minutes it’s a nice refresher!
  • Baby kisses – which really translates to them placing their slobbery open mouths onto my face and pulling my cheeks… and it’s the greatest thing imaginable

Those are a few of my moments of awesome. There are some significant differences from the the things I found awesome before I had babies, but before them I never felt half as fulfilled at the end of the day. I’ve never felt like I had more purpose or that my days had more meaning before babies and that’s pretty awesome!!

Happy Wednesday !!


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