Appreciation letter to the A+ dad of our twins ♡

You have been a parent for the exact same number of seconds as I have. You’ve seen the sun come up just as many times as I have when our babies have kept us awake all night. You’ve changed hundreds (literally) of diapers with me. You’ve hunted for soothers on the floor in the pitch black just as many times as me. We’ve made so many bottles together I’ve lost count (but I still remember that glass one we (I) dropped on the floor that one night… RIP).  You’ve shared coffee and delirious laughter with me at 3am when we’re all but positive we’re failing at parenting.

You’ve been patient with my incessant need to google things. You’ve been the most supportive partner I could hope for while I try to blindly explore my new identity as a mom of two. You’ve talked me off the ledge when I breakdown in the middle of the day or the middle of the night because I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. You’ve been understanding as I learn to accept the changes pregnancy made to my body and push positive self-talk every single day. You’re figuring out your new role as a parent every day too, but you still make time to encourage me, support me and sometimes pick me up off the floor when I need it.

You get up early to work and support us without a single complaint regardless of how much sleep we collectively got (which is sometimes very little). You put us first over everything and no matter how your days go you come home excited to play with the twins – who by the end of the day clamber for your attention.

You’ve shared the incredible joy and the simultaneous bitter sweetness that comes with every new moment in our boys first months with us. We get excited for the future but share the nostalgia for the sleepy newborn days that went so much faster than we were ready for.

We don’t have as much free time as we used to, and definitely not as much alone time. We’re tired a lot more and way WAY busier than we ever were before. Because of that I probably don’t tell you how appreciated you are or how thankful I am as much as I should and I’m sorry for that.

You’ve been a parent the exact same number of seconds as me and I know for certain I couldn’t have done a single one without you. I wouldn’t rather be a sleep deprived, over-caffeinated mess with anyone but you.


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  • Kim Ordish

    Love this…so happy my boy is making sure you are all okay, and taking part in their new, sweet, exciting lives….so proud of both of you, and so love hearing about your trials and tribulations…takes me back to when Cody was born and I was a new mom….I can feel your pain, your happiness, your joy, your pride, every emotion that comes along with being a new mom, and I’m loving it….you have a gift for this Hollie, as does Derek, as his article shows….keep it up, I’m a huge fan…love to you all xoxoxoxo

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