How mama became a pack mule

Happy Easter weekend!

In the spirit of the holiday our little squad decided to make the trek to spend the long weekend with family. To put what is happening into perspective it’s a 3 hour door to door journey. It involves a stunning ferry ride and some scenic driving. 3 hours is not a long journey by anyone’s standards. We’re going for 4 days 3 nights.

Looking at the packing list I have in front of me now you would think that we were preparing for the apocalypse. Good news, if by chance zombie nation becomes a reality this long weekend we are flipping prepared. Long gone are the days when Derek and I could throw some clothes into a bag and be out the door 10 minutes later. Now if we want to go out for a few hours in the afternoon we have to start preparing the day before if not multiple days before depending on how behind we are on laundry (which is always very, very behind).

Preparing to go away for multiple days is nothing short of a very elaborate production. If we get out with no one crying, no one fighting and the words “WELL WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO ABOUT IT” are not shouted I count that as a major win.

If you’re planning on going away for literally any length of time with babies here are our tips for avoiding a stage 5 (I don’t understand crisis measurement, is stage 5 bad?) meltdown

  • Lists. Write a list for your list. Write a list for your list’s list. I don’t think there’s any chance I would remember everything aka we would forget everything without a list.
  • Prep. Put thought into what you need when you leave, what needs to be cleaned (everything) & how ahead of time you have to start packing (you’re already late)
  • Keep emergency items accessible at all times because there will be an emergency before you leave the driveway 1000%
  • Be caffeinated. It’s the only way any of the above steps are even marginally tolerable.

Happy holidays fellow wranglers of the tiny humans



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